Daily Spice

DAILY SPICE Capsules contain a  blend of more than 30 spices considered by many to be essential to health! These include Turmeric, Cinnamon, Peppers, Cardamom, Cloves, mineral salts. No tartrazine, No MSG & No artificial sweeteners.

Daily Spice is in a handy capsule form so we can get the benefits spices naturally offer for our health. Our bodies, and particularly immune systems benefit immensely from spices. Daily Spice benefits include:

Assists with alleviating High Blood Pressure
Antibacterial / Antibiotic
Assists Blood Vessel Production
Assists in preventing Heart Disease
Assists Collagen Production
Assists in Slimming
Assists Treatment of Diabetic Peripheral Nephropathy
Assists Treatment of Motion Sickness Remedy
Assists with Arthritis and Gout
Assists with Bladder Infections
Assists with Cartilage Repair
Assists with Detoxification
Assists with Digestion
Assists with Gastrointestinal Diseases
Assists with Heartburn Relief
Assists with Ligament Repair
Assists with Liver Enzyme Detoxification
Assists with Menstrual Cramp Relief
Assists with Migraine Relief
Assists with Tendon Repair
Assists with Toothache
Assists with Ulcer Treatment
Immune Boosting
It’s Anti-Carcinogenic
It’s Liminoid Boosting
Helps to prevent Colds
Promotes Longevity
Reduces Pain and Inflammation
Reduces swelling and pain from arthritis
Relieves Cold symptoms
Resists and Combats Cellulite
Resists Pimples

The capsules do not contain gelatin, are Vegan Safe, & are sugar free.

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