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Hydration or just drinking water.
By time you realise you are thirsty, you body and brain are dehydrated.
There is a huge difference between drinking water and hydration?
Simply put, drinking water might slake your thirst but does hydrate your cells.
In my experience, and the experience of so many of my colleagues, nearly all chronic illnesses can traced back to some period or form of chronic dehydration.
The discussion about drinking water vs. Hydration is as follows:
Think about your alimentary tract as being outside your body, much like a plants have a root system that is external and spread wide. When you drink water it flows through your tract, but is not necessarily absorbed into your body, much like rain washing over the roots of an ancient oak tree. Not much purpose to that, is there?.
The key to absorption is electrolytes. When a tree absorbs water, it absorbs minerals from the soil that has been dissolved around the root system. We don’t have that available to us as we have sterilised our environments. We need to replace minerals in the water we drink so it can be absorbed into our cells, Hydration in other words.
Many years ago we repaired an underground pump. When the water flowed, we drank some. The old African man that had assisted me remarked, that if you drink this water you will not be thirsty again for a long time. He was referring to the mineral content.
The remedy for our human errors is Himalayan Salt. It contains all of the 83 elements found in our blood, and assists our cells to re-hydrate.
All you need to do is take a HYDRATION Plus capsule two or three times a day with your glass of water.
Wishing you good health.


Capsules must be taken with at least 250 milliliters of fresh or filtered water.

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