Stop Eating Animals

There are so many reasons to not eat animal products. The statement, “There is no useful nutrition in any animal product.” made by my Professor in the first lecture I attended was so forceful that it echoes in my head daily!
There are many reasons to avoid eating animal beside being devoid of nutrition. Animals carry so many diseases and causes of diseases in their systems that it is beyond rational thought as to why anyone would eat them or consume any product derived from an animal source. Casomorphin is an opioid peptide (protein fragment) derived from the digestion of the milk protein casein.  Cheese contains Casomorphins that cause paralyses of the intestines and lead to all manner of digestive problems. Hormones are injected into almost every animal based food. That alone is enough to scare the daylights out of me.

Health. Digestive enzymes can break casein down into peptides that have some biological activity in cells and in laboratory animals though conclusive causal effects on humans have not …

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