Weight Control

 If you’re looking at this product you it is likely that you are serious about losing weight.  Good for you. There are many aspects to losing weight. 

Firstly one must understand weight is due to toxins in the system. When you eat something that contains a toxin your body doesn’t know what to do with it because it was too busy digesting the food that you ate, so it sticks it away in a fat cell to deal with it later. But our digestive system is busy and later never comes. So we end up with the fat cells getting bigger and bigger and bigger. When  people tell you it’s about what you eating, in in essence that is true, but they have the wrong end of the stick, so to speak. Some of the worst toxins for your body come in the form of processed foods. You might have experienced reactions to foods or reactions from foods, you might have noticed that after eating certain foods your body misbehaves in one way or another. These are all toxins that your body doesn’t know how to deal with.

These toxins include white flour products, refined sugar and products containing refined sugar, seed oils like sunflower and rapeseed oil, which is sold as canola oil, and of course most common poison of all, table salt. Fizzy drinks contain HFCS, High Fructose Corn Syrup, which will lead to metabolic syndrome. Additionally there are the “Artificial Sweeteners”, that have been linked to so many chronic diseases. If you stop the intake of these toxins, you will achieve so much more.

There’s only one way to remove toxins from your body and that is by flushing them out with water. So what you need to do is force out the toxins from where the body has stored them, and then flush them out of your system.  Vegan Capsules Weight Control formula does just that. The gentle detox effect of the special ingredients encourages your system to release and excrete the toxins shrinking the fat cells in the process. And you will see the weight fade away.  Stay Healthy!

Please take capsules with at least 250 milliliters of fresh or filtered water.

FAT BLOCKERS: Why we don’t use them or recommend them!
While there are a plethora of different products available that promise to help you lose weight, the truth is they are ineffective or can be downright dangerous! The group “thermogenic fat burners” are of grave concern.
These are substances that claim to increase your metabolism using large doses of caffeine and even ingredients that act like mild metabolic stimulants. Examples are bitter orange extract, crab shell extract or caffeine derivatives. These  products are overpriced, and in most cases may raise blood pressure and may even increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.

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